Do You Know the Secret to Being a Rock Star? One-Day Landscape Makeovers are Key

Do You Know the Secret to Being a Rock Star? One-Day Landscape Makeovers are Key

You wanted to be the rock star — the one to rock the curb appeal of your home. You planned. Purchased. Maybe you even began digging up the dirt. Your aching muscles and sweat brought pride in the work at hand. Now, life is closing in, and you are overwhelmed by what needs done.

Can we share a secret with you? You can still be that rock star.

One-day landscape makeovers raise you to stardom. Whether you are staring at a blank slate of a yard or are part way through the project, a flower bed or zero maintenance bed system installation, or patio makeover makes it all look good in less than 12 hours.

Need more convincing?

You Get Mess to Dressed in 12 Hours

HGTV and DIY tempt us to believe that curb appeal can be boosted within an hour show. While this proves a stretch, your mess of a yard or bland curb get guest-ready in just one day (not the weeks required by full landscape projects). Start in the morning, host a BBQ by nightfall.

Full landscaping projects on your own or hired mean inconvenience and putting life on hold. Crunched for time with an event this weekend? Frustrated looking at one more unfinished project? One-day landscape makeovers boost curb appeal and your mood.

One Day Landscape Makeovers | Seasonal Yard Work

You Can Tackle Other Things

One-day makeovers also save you time and stress. With this freedom, you can tackle other projects in the garage or around the house. Maximizing time in this way boosts your sense of accomplishment — and this makes you sleep better at night.

Are you irritated by the phenomena that as you cross items off your to-do list, it continues to grow? The never-ending honey-do’s consume weekends and evenings, threatening life balance. One-day makeovers provide time for family outings, hanging with friends or a quick siesta. 

You are the Rock Star

A patio, fire pit or privacy planting make you a rock star with your family. Invite the neighbors over for a burger, and impress them as well. And, the affordable price of one-day yard makeovers lets you bask in your stardom without buyer’s regret.

A one-day landscape makeover may be just the boost you need to start your next project. Or, rock your shades on your newly installed patio while contemplating your next one-day makeover. Either way, be the rock star and contact Top Notch Landscaping, Inc to get the scoop on projects for your yard.

Want to know more about our one day landscape makeovers? 

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